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Best Pillows for Neck Pain or Back Pain Video

Physicians are often asked by their patients, “which is the best pillow to use?” and the truth is there is no one answer that works for everybody; there’s no one pillow that works for everybody. This video talks about some of the different pillows and the advantages and disadvantages of those pillows, then after discussion with your healthcare provider, come up with a pillow or series of pillows that works best for you.
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Chiropractic Adjustment of the Lumbar Spine (Low Back) Video

The position for lumbar spine manipulation is very similar to that used during sacroiliac joint techniques. The patient is placed again in this lateral recumbent position and we try to isolate the area to be manipulated by hooking the spinous process of the lumbar vertebra. The joint is then stressed to its end range of motion with the forearm placed over the ischial tuberosity. At this point, a high-velocity, low-amplitude impulse can be applied. An alternate technique is to place the hypothenar eminence on the spinal tissues and again stress the joint to its end range of motion. A high-velocity, low-amplitude impulse is again applied.
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Hamstring Exercises for Low Back Pain Relief Video

Exercises and stretches for the hamstring muscles are designed to bring relief for lower back pain, since tight hamstrings put pressure on the low back and the surrounding structures. These hamstring exercises can become part of a normal routine and don’t require any special equipment.
One of the most important stretches someone with low back pain should be performing is a hamstring stretch. When your hamstrings are tight, it places a lot of stress on your low back, leading to more pain and can actually cause more difficulty for you. One of the easiest ways to stretch this is lying on your back. Again, the opposite leg should be flat. Bring your knee toward your chest and straighten out your knee and try to push the bottom of your foot up towards the ceiling. Then rest and repeat. This should be performed on each side. Watch the video describing hamstring exercises for low back pain relief.
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