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Dr. Alex Meltser, Advanced Spine and Headache Center Clinic Director

Dr. Alex Meltser, Clinic Director

We are a Multi-Specialty Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Facility specializing in acute, chronic and traumatic spinal conditions and headaches.

We offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date rehabilitation utilizing the latest technology, diagnosis and procedures to treat conditions such as aches and pains from minor strain and sprains, to major injuries related to new or previous sports, work, and auto accidents.

It doesn’t matter if you are 9 or 90 years old — If you are experiencing new or ongoing neck or back pain, or if you were involved in a recent auto accident or sports trauma, get checked out today. You may not realize it, but what you think “might go away soon” can be a sign of a very serious spine-related health problem. It can affect your muscles, nerves, bones and joints throughout your body, not just your spine.

Advanced-SpineWe hear this every day:
     “I thought it would go away.”

Your nervous system communication pathway is housed and protected by your spine. Your brain communicates with your body organs via the spinal cord. A misalignment or a trauma to any portion of the spine can disrupt that communication and cause a very serious health problem. A wide variety of health issues can be traced to spinal trauma.

EXPERT, PROMPT AND PRACTICAL CARE is available at Advanced Spine and Headache Center.

Don’t wait! Our highly qualified staff of specialists include medical and chiropractic physicians, and physical and massage therapists whose goal is to design each treatment plan according to every patient’s individual needs. Utilizing only objective documentation, evidence-based research and our expertise, we are able to design a rehabilitation program that is both expedient and cost-effective.

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